The Home Buying Process

1. Meet with Buyer’s Agent for a Needs Assessment

2. Pre-qualify, Full Loan application with a Lender or cash purchase verification

3.  View Homes

4. Narrow Search/ Second Showings

5. Confirm with Buyer’s Agent Home’s Value Range and Prepare Purchase Offer

6. Contract Negotiations and Agreement

7. Contract Sent to Lender and Title Company

8. Schedule Home Inspections

9. Request to Remedy Negotiations

10. Lender Orders Appraisal

11. Buyer Arrange Homeowners Insurance Coverage

12. Schedule Closing Date and Time

13. Await Loan Approval and title commitment

14. Verify Repairs Preformed Adequately

15. Schedule Final Walk-through and Utility Transfer

16.Attend Closing (Bring ID’s and Certified Check)

17. Transfer of Keys /Possession